Are You a Nigerian Creative?

If you are or you know one, then this podcast is for you (and them, lol). The purpose of this podcast is to teach you how to figure things out locally so that you can compete, collaborate, and create globally.

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Are you struggling with putting your business online?

Say you have a business and you are struggling with using social media to promote that business. Or you have a website for your business but that website generates next to no income for you. Or in fact, your business is neither on social media nor do you have a website for it. No need to keep struggling with it. I can help you carry that burden. Click the button below to chat with me for free.

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About Fisayo Patrick

Hi, I'm Fisayo Patrick

I’m a digital creator and a social media strategist with a passion for crafting compelling online narratives and a knack for creating impactful online presence.

The truth is, running an online business is not a pretty easy thing, but at the same time, not as difficult as it seems. If it is your desire to run a profitable online business, then know that you desire the right thing.

Running an online business helps to free up your time and gives you the opportunity to live your dream life while making multiple digits in income. But one thing that matters is, your online business must be able to impact lives and add value to people no matter what.

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