Build a Business That Makes You More Appealing Than The Next Guy!

build your online business

Everything you need to stand apart from the thousands of online business owners out there

How long have you been looking for someone to teach you how to:

Nail your target audience by researching who they are, figuring out what they really want and creating products or services that are tailor-made for them?

Craft a brand story that appeals to your audience emotions & write copies that will get them bringing out their cards to pay for what you have to offer?

Create visual elements like your brand logo, your brand images, teach you how to pair fonts and how to choose colours that speaks to your target customers?

What if I told you that you will learn everything in this course?

Because you surely will. That’s a promise.

Here's a secret you should know

There are like a million people doing the same thing as you. Let’s say you are a photographer, I bet that there are about 50 other photographers that you know.

Or say you are a Facebook ads trainer, I’m pretty sure that you are not the only ads trainer that is trying to ‘kill it’ on Instagram, certainly not.

The business you are currently running is being run by other people. And they are doing all they can to push you out of the market.

But this is what will set you apart:

📢 A brand identity that tells your target audience that you are the only one that can solve their problems

📢 A business that has very recognizable features that shapes the perception of people and turns them into your raving fans

📢 An opportunity to build a community, get invited to teach people or help them solve problems and an avenue to build a sustainiable brand that will not only provide you with income but will also impact the lives of other people.

build your online business

Introducing the 'Build Your Online Business' mini-course

Do you seriously wonder how the “Big boys” and “Big girls” of Instagram got to the levels that they are now? When I say big boys and girls of Instagram, I’m talking about the ones who are getting invited to speak, teach and train.

The ones who have built communities of loyal audience, customers and raving fans who would buy anything they put out.

Do you ever wonder how they were able to get to that point in their brands? Well, I’ll tell you how. They started from scratch just like you and I, but they’ve been able to position themselves properly by practicing brand building strategies, many of which I’ll teach you in this course.

You too can become one. With well thought-out, well-proven, working strategies.

Here's what you will learn:

⚫ How to define your target audience

You’ll learn how to define your dream client, and come up with a buyer persona, so that you can sell what they really need.

⚫ How to tell your brand story in a no-fluff way

You will learn how to talk about who you are, what you do and who you do it for with the power of storytelling.

Write Copies that Sell

You’ll learn how to write copies that convert strangers into leads and leads into paying customers on your website, your blog, sales pages, social media platforms, etc.

⚫ Design Your Brand

You’ll learn how to choose a colour palette that suits your brand, combine fonts, design creatives and use content creation tools.

Please Note!

limited time offer

This course originally goes for N50,000. But it has been highly subsidized to this price and it won’t remain like that for too long. So make it snappy, get it while you still can.

Now just think of how much it will cost you to get consultants to help you do all these, you’ll be spending nothing more than a huge fat 5 figures, if not more.

You can always go back to watch the video any day, anytime, at your own convenience.

I give it a 100%

Fisayo Patrick shares so many helpful content on her platforms, she has made me switch careers from working as a 3rd officer on sea to running an online business. I literary wait for her teachings and can't move an inch in my business without looking to her teachings for the next steps.

Olubukola Ayeni

fisayo patrick

Hey, I’m Fisayo Patrick and I help corporate professionals who can’t wait to bolt from their 9-5s create online businesses.

In 2018, I left my job after only a few months to start offering freelancing services. I’ve worked as a social media manager, a graphic designer, a content creator, a digital marketer, and so on.

I was super new in the industry that I made a lot of mistakes, failed and picked up again. Now, I have a business that runs these services for brands and I teach people who want to make the switch from corporate to freelancing or owning online businesses transition swiftly.

If you are really convinced that this course will transform your business, then click the link below to get it.

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