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Online Business Creation

So you are ready to make the switch, but you don’t want to do it just yet. You need a cushion to land on when you jump. For that reason, you want to your online business to be up and running first before you take the leap.

Say you need help understanding how it works, what it entails and all you need to scale. You need someone to help you set it up while you wrap things up in your corporate job. Don’t worry, I’m here. Click the button below to see what you will be getting with this option.

Fisayo Patrick

Social Media Coverage

Do you want a social media coverage for your event? We can help you create a publicity plan to get your event in the eyes of your target audience. Not only that, we will also help you cover your event live on social media.

Fisayo Patrick


If you have a team, staff, or any group of people you’d like for them to learn any digital tech related courses, you can book me to teach/train you and/or your people in the art of content creation, digital marketing, social media, business branding and so on.

Some Stand-alone Services You Might Need

Social Media Management

Need help with managing your brand’s presence on social media, facilitating customer engagements, drive conversion? That won’t be a problem. Click the button below to get started.

Website Development

Are you just looking to create an industry-standard website for your brand? A portfolio website to showcase your skills? An e-commerce or simply a blog. Click the button below to get started

Content Creation

Do you want to reach new people with your content? Be it blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts and what have you? Click the button below to reach out

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on whether we’ll be setting up new platforms, how many platforms it is and posting frequency. But the prices range from 35-55k

We’ll work with videos, blog posts, live calls and voicenotes

Absolutely. You can download the ebook freebie on how to start a digital business from scratch. You can also watch my videos on YouTube where I share helpful tips.

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